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Category: Poem

An Ode to an Ordinary Thing

You know all about me
Even the things I hide
You nag
But you never judge

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Injured Stories

No matter how many times I try I can’t stop constructing Poems
as if they’re injured stories
with broken sentences

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God Says No

No no no,
Please, continue
You’ve evolved to be so good at it
Crushing curiosity
In the name of devotion
Blindly giving away your faith

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Valentine’s Day Poem

I am not very good at spilling my feelings
On paper, for you
I never really know
If you like it
Or just tell me you do
Because it’s Valentines’ Day

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One Million

Once, there were a million voices
they were bound together by the power of a million
they were part of a nation, they were one,
one million

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