My name is Moriel Schottlender. I was born in Brazil, grew up in Israel and currently live and study in New York City.

Very international of me.

I love quite a lot of things, but my main interests include science (primarily physics, which is what I study), reading and watching sci fi books and movies, listening to audiobooks, rambling, debating, philosophizing, dorking out and writing.

My primary blog, is the place I post critical analyses and experiments about general scientific concepts – all meant to prove that physics can be (and is!) fun and interesting. And doable.

This little blog is my place to post my random literary musings. They aren’t all good. Maybe some are. I’m not sure. I just figured this is a better place for them than an offline dusty drawer.

Feel free to critique; I take my writing seriously, and the best way to improve is to┬áreceive┬áhonest criticism. I’d love to know if you like a piece, but it would be great to know what you think would’ve been better, too. If you dislike something, say it. I am not going to cry.

At least not immediately.