You know all about me
Even the things I hide
You nag
But you never judge

You fill up with joy
quicker than I can manage
you don’t let me forget
Even things I know nothing about

We play tag
but you always win
pretending I am popular
The entire world is out to get me
through you

You steal me away
grabbing my attention
with beeps and alarms
I can’t get away
even if I try
but I don’t

I can’t blame you
I can’t stay disconnected
Even when I want to
When I intentionally shut you up
I regret
I miss you
The connection to the world
The unread numbers
that fake acclaim
and hide loneliness
And I suddenly remember
There must be an app for that

* * *
This was a class exercise, where we were asked to read “An Ode to my Socks” by Pablo Neruda, and then write our own ode to an ordinary thing…