Once, there were a million voices
they were bound together by the power of a million
they were part of a nation, they were one,
one million

One day, one million light years away
a man woke up and looked
he laughed at the sight of one million
who were actually one
he looked again, he opened his eyes
one million light years away, they seemed so small,
like a bee hive, they worshipped a queen
each had a job, a position,
in the endless search for honey
but the honey they got was not for themselves,
it fed a monster
One million light years away, the man looked
he saw a monster with thousand hands
thousand souls, thousand eyes,
one million light years away the man sighed
the monster he saw never blinked its eyes
its thousand mouths never opened, never smiled,
It fed on a million souls, it controlled a million hands,
And the man looked, and then closed his eyes
he counted a million sheep, and then fell asleep
hoping that one million light years away
one million eyes will open
and see him.